Since 1948, the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway has been one of the go-to attractions on Lincolnshire coast.

Established as a 10 and a quarter inch gauge railway, passengers were first carried on July 16th 1948. In 1949, a year later, the line was re-laid and featured a double track layout.

1954 saw a new change of ownership as the railway was handed over to Mr. Clethro, his five year stint in charge ended in 1959 when Cleethorpes Borough Council purchased the line.

In the 1960s, the line used battery locomotives and in 1972 saw the line being extended in both directions and re gauged to 14 and a quarter inches. On being regauged, two Rio Grande steam outline locomotives built by Severn Lamb were used. Since being taken into private ownership, a variety of steam and diesel locomotives have been used followed by petrol-driven engines with a steam outline.

The railway had become very rundown and on the brink of closure. Previous owner Chris Shaw purchased the railway from the council in 1991 and re gauged the line to 15 inches and purchased steam locomotives and carriages.

n 2007, saw a extension to the line towards Buck Beck formerly named as ‘North Sea Lane’, close to the Meridian Line, Pleasure Island Family Theme Park and the Haven Holiday complexes. This brought the total current running length to 2 miles (3.2 km).

In May 2014, the railway was sold to new owners.