Our Locomotives

Our railway is home to one of the most eclectic mix of narrow gauge locomotives in the country.

The locomotives are lovingly cared for by our dedicated team of staff and volunteers in the railways own workshops.

No. 24 – 2-6-2 built by Fairbourne Railway in 1990


Built in 1990, originally as a 12 ¼” gauge locomotive at and for the Fairbourne Railway in North Wales, No.24 is a replica of the USA equivalent.

After initial trials in Wales, No.24 was sold to the then newly formed Bure Valley Railway and Kirklees Light Railway, before becoming a permanent resident at Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway in 1997.

The main workhorse of our fleet, she is capable of pulling our heaviest trains and has a very distinctive chime whistle – on a clear day, it can be heard for miles! Her overhaul is nearing completion at John Fower & Sons.

Bonnie Dundee – 0-4-2 Kerr Stuart 1901

Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee began life at Dundee Gas Commissioners in Scotland, built to 2 foot gauge and used for freight haulage over a fourty year period.

The late Ian Fraser of Arbroath purchased her for preservation, and she was transferred to the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway in 1976 where restoration began. As part of this process, she was regauged to 15 inch gauge and side tanks were added. In 1996, the locomotive was rebuilt in its current tender form.

On long term loan from Ravenglass, a full restoration by John Fowler and Sons has recently been completed with a change back to Stephenson Valve Gear as originally built.

Effie – 0-4-0T+T Great Northen Steam 1999


This replica locomotive is based on the first built by renowned miniature railway figure Sir Arthur Heywood. At 7 foot long and with a footplate just about big enough for a driver, the original Effie built in 1875, ran for over 3000 miles in its first six years of service.

This replica was built using only photos to base its construction on and since completion, Effie has visited railways including the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway and the Eaton Hall Railway. More recently a tender has been built designed around a Heywood wagon.


Flower of the Forest

A rather unusual locomotive, her construction was centered around a chimney off a Kerr Stuart locomotive found in a scrapyard. She is defined as a vertical boiler tank locomotive, due to the vertical position of the boiler in the centre of the cab.

Built by the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway in 1985 for the late Ian Fraser of Arbroath, Scotland, she resided at Cleethorpes for a 6 year period in the late 1990s and returns for a future restoration to working order.

Locomotive at Cleethorpes


Built by Trevor Guest in 1960, she was originally intended to run on the 10.25″ gauge Shillingstone Light Railway. She eventually ended up at the Fairbourne Railway, used predominantly as a shunting locomotive, performing the important duty of moving the catering kiosk to and from the terminus station every day. When Fairbourne was regauged in 1984, she moved to the Haigh Hall Railway where she was used for a few years before being reserved for back up duties.

Purchased by Windmill Farm Railway in 2018, she was rebuilt and was purchased for use in Cleethorpes a year later.

diesel Locomotive


This little locomotive was built in Tasmania, Australia in 1985. Originally conceived as a stop gap measure to push steam locomotives at the Bush Mills Railway, a cab was later added and was used in winter months.

Imported into England in 2005, she is powered by an Izusu engine and automatic gearbox, and is used for shunting duties and on standby passenger trains.

Locomotive at Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway


No.5 began life as a Rio Grande steam outline locomotive, with a powered tender, built by Severn Lamb Ltd of Stratford-upon-Avon for the Longleat Safari Park Railway

Rebuilt into its current tank engine form in 1990, she arrived on loan to CCLR in 2018 before being purchased a couple of years later.

Having been rebuilt throughout 2023, she re-entered service with a new livery in 2024, and will be named in July at the Summer Steam Festival.

Lister at Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway


Built in 1944 by Lister of Dursley, this four wheeled locomotive powered by a Lister SR2 with mechanical gearbox was purchased for CCLR in 1993.

Originally built 2ft gauge and used at the Portland Cement Works, the locomotive was regauged at the Kirklees Light Railway in 1995 and has taken various guises since, including a tram body and shunter outline.

She is currently being rebuilt in the CCLR workshops and will in the future be primarily used for shunting duties.